Scalp serum

Natural Hair Serum to flaunt every hairstyle!

Serums are the secret to nourished, healthy hair. They deliver actives to your hair and scalp which ensures hair growth and dandruff-free scalp. The best thing about hair scalp serums is that you can use them after a hair wash or without one as well to give your hair a shiny, healthy look.

Serums revive dry, dull hair and give them a shinier, healthier appearance. With every application, serums ensure an unmatchable luster for your hair strands without greasiness. Hair wash day? Put the serum on before you towel dry your hair. Going out? Put the serum on and style your hair. The pHrase serums are made from natural ingredients and they accompany you with an instant difference in the appearance of your hair and the benefits of multivitamins in every usage.

What is the right serum for you?

The natural ingredients in the serum and their composition make them so good at what they do. We offer two serums in the multivitamin range that help your scalp fight hair fall and dandruff. Deal with thinning hair and dry scalp at the root.

Scalp Serum for Hair Fall Control with Natural Multivitamins

A non-sticky formula that helps you prevent hair fall and support hair growth. Rejuvenate your scalp with multivitamins and keep in check the pH of your scalp and hair so that it can retain moisture and essential nutrients, this serum also delivers to your hair instant luster and hydration. This is the best hair growth serum if you want to prevent hair loss and promote healthy hair growth.

Scalp Serum for Clear Scalp for Dandruff Control with Natural Multivitamins

If you have got dandruff, itching, or inflammation - you need this scalp serum for dandruff. Helping nourish your hair with an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory formula to prevent dandruff, dandruff-causing bacteria and that too in a soothing way. Every spray of the scalp serum for dandruff improves your hair health and helps keep dandruff at bay.

Who is the hair serum for?

Works wonders for men and women, the serums help you skip all your hair concerns. The mist The serum is suitable for all hair types - straight, wavy, and curly as well as all scalp types - normal, oily, dry, and sensitive.


Indulge in the ultimate haircare routine with the multivitamin combos for the best results.

  • For hair fall control, wash your hair with the multivitamin shampoo for hair fall control. Then mask your hair for deep nourishment. Finally, apply the scalp serum for hair growth to your hair before towel drying. And your hair is ready to heal and grow and flaunt.

  • For dandruff control, wash your hair with the multivitamin shampoo for clear scalp for dandruff control. Spray the scalp serum. And dandruff would be a thing of the past!


  1. When should you apply hair serum?

    Serums are best applied after hair wash but they also improve the appearance and quality of your hair if it is too busy of a day to get into hair wash. The pHrase Hair Serums are versatile because not only do they fit right into your morning and evening routine but because of their lightweight nature and non-greasy formula, they can be reapplied on your hair multiple times without causing any harm or buildup.

  2. Is it important to wash your hair to apply serum?

    Applying serum on washed hair helps with delivering essential nutrients and hydration better but the phrase hair serums suit your hair without a wash as well because of their lightweight formulation.

  3. Is it safe to apply the Serum daily?

    Yes. the pHrase serums are lightweight which makes them the right choice for everyday use. Including them in your morning routine helps improve the appearance of your hair and in your night routine, they help improve your hair health.

  4. Can you apply serums on dyed hair?

    Yes. Applying serum on dyed hair relieves your hair of any damage caused by the colour.

  5. Should you apply serums on wet or dry hair?

    Applying serum to hair without towel drying helps with better delivery of actives.

  6. What to do if you have frizzy hair?

    Frizzy hair is a result of a lack of moisture. Spray the pHrase hair serum on your hair, delivering to them instant hydration and a shiny, healthy look and feel.

Serums are your go-to whether it is a hair wash day or not. So better stock them up to skip bad hair days.