Face serum

Face serums to slay your concerns!

The best way to indulge in a soothing self-care routine is through The pHrase serums. Get ready to massage your skin into nourishment and let it soak in the goodness of antioxidants. Serums are the it skincare product for naturally glowing skin.

Serums are the easiest way to get a dewy glow. They help your skin get rid of its concerns in the most efficient way possible. This is attributed to their active ingredients and small particle size. Serums have the tendency to go deeper into the skin which makes them the best option to deal with specific concerns.

With every usage, your skin feels better, healthier and radiant. The pHrase serums help balance the pH of your skin and its natural ingredients avoid causing any harm to you.

With no sulphates, they are the best way to prep for the day ahead. When a part of your night routine, they help your skin calm down at night.

What is the best skin serum in India for you?

One of the common myths about serums is that their active content irritates your skin. But the pHrase serums are gentle and soothing. And serums can only go wrong if you don’t choose them as per your skin type and concerns. What makes them the best serum for glowing skin is their key ingredients. Extracted from nature to improve your skin and control free radical damage.

Brightening Serum for Hyperpigmentation and Dark Spots

A radiant glow awaits you. Drop hyperpigmentation and reduce dark spots with soothing care every day at least twice. The phrase serum ensures a balanced pH for your skin, even skin tone and retextured skin. The brightening serum is your way into an uncompromised radiance.

Clarifying Serum for Acne and Acne Marks

Scared of using something on your skin because of acne? You know you need salicylic acid. We have it in perfect proportion in the pHrase serums. It loads your skin with antioxidants and helps it heal the wounds and scars. Minimizing enlarged pores, it gives you a clarifying glow. This is the best serum for oily skin because it helps unclog pores.

Moisturising Face Oil for Dry and Dull Skin

Time to pamper your skin with a moisturising glow. A few drops and a gentle massage to soothe your skin. Give it the ultimate dewy look and the perfect dose of hydration with every application. This oil is all you need for dull skin to glow up in every application.

Who is it for?

The face serum gives you a natural glow and works well for both men and women. It is a healthy upgrade for your troubled skin and you can find the right serum based on your skin type.


Wash your face without drying it and then deliver the right antioxidants to it with the moisturising oil.


  1. Can you skip serum if you are using a moisturiser?

    You should not. Moisturisers help your skin barrier lock in moisture. Hence they work at the surface level. Serums, due to the small size of the actives present in them, penetrate deeper into the skin. Which is why they deliver hydration and essential nutrients to heal your skin health. Both serve their purpose and so it is not wise to skip serum in your routine.

  2. Are serums moisturizer?

    No. Serums are formulated to penetrate deeper into the skin. This gives you instantly glowing skin and addresses specific concerns. Moisturizers, on the other hand, are used to moisturize your skin and protect it against environmental aggressors.

  3. Can you use serums if you have oily skin?

    Yes, because serums help control excess oil production and the pHrase serums are lightweight and non-greasy, to begin with. Serums deliver essential nutrients to your skin that help heal your skin health. This in turn helps to maintain a healthy skin barrier. So using serum would help you keep in check the excess oil.

  4. How do you decide what serums to use?

    You should decide your serum based on your skin type and concerns.

  5. Are skin serums too strong for everyday use?

    Based on the skin concern your serum is addressing, it might have actives that might vary based on how strong they are. They are though formulated for everyday use and help your skin heal.

  6. How many times can you use serums in a day?

    You can use serums multiple times a day based on your needs. The lightweight, non-greasy nature of your the pHrase serums ensures that you don’t feel tacky. But at least using them twice a day helps you achieve your skin goals better. Serums in your morning routine ensure that your skin gets glowing and hydrated and in the night time, they help your skin heal

Get naturally glowing skin and a healthy one with every usage. The pHrase delivers instant hydration and a permanent solution to your concerns.