Dreaming of dandruff-free hair with the best anti-dandruff combo!

Dandruff is a common condition that causes the skin on your scalp to flake. When your scalp's pH is more on the alkaline side, it leads to dandruff. An alkaline pH disturbs your acid mantle leading to excess sebum production. The excess sebum breeds microorganisms that are responsible for dandruff.

Let's just admit that dandruff is embarrassing. No one likes flakes all over them and the itching just makes the condition worse. And don’t even get us started on the discomfort that it has in store! To name a few - inflammation, redness, and hair fall.

Dandruff affects your hair health, which exposes your hair to damage and split ends. An unhealthy scalp damages your hair from root to tip. This affects the quality and appearance of your hair.

But are you to be blamed for dandruff completely or is there something else that causes it?

Factors that might be causing Dandruff

Oily scalp

Excess oil on your scalp breeds dandruff-causing microorganisms. A lot of factors can trigger sebum production - like an unhealthy scalp, hormonal change, using the wrong product, and pH imbalance.


The buildup makes it hard for the right products like serums and masks to absorb better. Reasons for build-up might be a shampoo that isn’t doing its job well. Avoiding washing your hair for a long time also leads to dandruff.


A hot and humid climate leads to factors that trigger dandruff - like sweat and pollution. Cold climate leads to a dry scalp that flakes easily but can be mistaken for dandruff. Another effect of a dry scalp is inflammation which triggers sebum production. And that can lead to dandruff. Rain exposes your head to microorganisms more. And a lack of sun just makes it even worse.

Haircare products

Harsh products inflame your scalp and that triggers dandruff. Products that don't cleanse your scalp right or rip your scalp off essential oils cause dandruff. The right dandruff-control shampoo knows how to balance cleansing, soothing, and nourishing. Strengthen and heal your scalp with the right serum for dandruff.


Washing your hair often might make you feel good. Because who doesn't like flowy, shiny hair? But overwashing hair leads to dry scalp. This triggers excess sebum production causing dandruff.

Things you can do to prevent Dandruff

Gentle products

The right product for your scalp and hair makes a lot of difference. Natural dandruff-control shampoo by the pHrase cleans your scalp gently and the anti-dandruff serum keeps dandruff in check.

Shampooing often

The frequency of hair wash depends on two factors - your hairy type and the product you are using. Gentle products allow you to wash your hair more frequently. Following your shampoo routine with a dandruff control shampoo helps control microorganism growth and shield your hair from further damage.

Get some sun

Sunlight suppresses the growth of dandruff-causing microorganisms. And sometimes something as simple as that is enough to heal your head of this bane.

Cut down haircare products

Using many hair products leads to build-up. Make sure that you only use products that are necessary to care for your hair in the best way possible.

Best Shampoo and Serum Combo for Dandruff Control Online

Natural Multivitamin Shampoo for Clear Scalp for Dandruff Control

Scratching your hair constantly? It affects your self-esteem as well as your hair health. Deep cleanse your hair with the best dandruff control shampoo. Every application ensures a flake-free scalp. The shampoo helps eliminate buildup and excess oil without causing dryness or flaking. It also soothes your scalp while preventing dandruff-causing microorganisms.

Scalp Serum for Clear Scalp for Dandruff Control with Natural Multivitamins

What's the best thing you can do for your hair and scalp after a wash? Serums! Meet the best dandruff control serum. Applying it after every hair wash soothes itchy scalp and controls dandruff. It provides your hair with essential nutrients and the perfect defense against dandruff-causing microorganisms.


  1. How can I remove dandruff?

    Washing your hair often enough to cleanse it of buildup and using the serum to equip it with the right barrier is how you deal with dandruff.

  2. What is causing dandruff

    Factors that trigger sebum production lead to dandruff. So make sure that you avoid harsh products, overwashing, and avoiding hair wash.

  3. How can I remove dandruff at home?

    Sometimes something as easy as getting some sun helps. In addition to that - choosing the right product and abiding by your hair wash routine helps.

  4. Are my hair products responsible for dandruff?

    Yes, they can, Hair products that cause dry scalp trigger sebum production, which triggers dandruff. Try the anti-dandruff combo by the pHrase that gently cleanses your scalp of dandruff-aggressors.

  5. How often do I wash my hair to not get dandruff?

    It depends on your hair type. Straight hair needs washing two to three times a week. Whereas wavy hair can be washed two times a week. Curly or coily hair, due to its rough texture, can do just fine with single washes every week.

  6. Can skipping hair wash a few times cause dandruff?

    Every necessary hair wash that you skip exposes your hair and scalp to damage.