Dull and Dry skin

Ready to deal with dry, dehydrated skin gently?

Have you ever felt your skin getting irritated or uncomfortably stretchy in winter? That's probably because of two reasons - dry or dehydrated skin.

Dry skin is your skin type where your skin produces less sebum than required to keep your skin moisturized throughout the day. Whereas dehydrated skin is when your skin fails to retain moisture.

Either of these causes your skin to scale, itch, or crack. In addition to usual discomfort, it also damages the tone and texture of your skin. Dryness not only affects the look of your skin but it also ruins your makeup routine.

Did you know that dryness tends to cause acne? Because acne occurs at the sight of inflammation as well. And dry, dehydrated skin is prone to inflammation.

Factors that might be causing dry and dull skin

Harsh chemicals - some products, due to their alcohol content give you a clean feel right after usage. But that has more to do with the property of alcohol to dehydrate your skin. Then some products are way too harsh and cleanse your skin of essential oils.

Naturally dry skin - maybe you have a dry skin type. In this case, your skin is lacking in keeping itself moisturized for longer. Or maybe your skin is just dehydrated due to medication, weather conditions, or the products you use - so it is unable to retain moisture like its usual self.

Season - winter causes your skin to dehydrate easily because of a lack of humidity. It makes dry skin even worse by stripping your skin of whatever hydration it is getting.

Water temperature - hot water causes your pores to open up and lose moisture. Washing your face with hot water leads to dehydrated skin. Frequent washing also causes your skin to dry.

Things you can do to prevent dry and dull skin

Pat, don't rub - rubbing your skin with towel after every face wash causes it to dehydrate quicker. It also strips your skin of essential oils.

Mind the water temperature - make sure that you wash your face with either lukewarm water or cold water.

Go for moisturizing products - products that moisturize your skin while doing their job are a good choice. Also, make sure that you apply any moisturizing products while your skin is still damp.

Meet the products that keep your face moisturized

Moisturising Gentle Face Wash for Dry and Dull Skin

Skipping face wash because it dries your skin or makes your already dry skin worse? Here's the best moisturizing face wash you will ever encounter. Made with non-drying technology, it ensures that your face is cleansed gently. It cleans your pores while also supplying your skin with the necessary hydration.

Moisturising Face Oil for Dry and Dull Skin

The best way to moisturize your skin is through face oil. It delivers your skin with essential nutrients to help rejuvenate your skin barrier. In addition to that, this face oil for dry and dull skin hydrates and moisturizes your skin in the best way possible without harming it. The oil provides lasting moisturization and a dewy glow for long durations.


  1. How do I stop my skin from getting dehydrated?

    Drink plenty of water, use gentle products, and do not rigorously scrub your skin.

  2. Is it wise to skip washing my face because of dry skin?

    Skipping face wash allows microorganisms to grow on your face. You can switch to gentle products, like the pHrase moisturising face wash for dry and dull skin, that suits the dry skin type. And in case of dehydrated skin, the face wash helps moisturize your skin while cleansing it.

  3. Can skin be permanently dehydrated?

    Dehydration is a temporary condition that is triggered by external factors mostly. And it can often be solved through over-the-counter products.

  4. Is dry skin a serious condition?

    Dry skin can be a sign of serious skin disorders but it is also a normal skin type that can be dealt with gentle products.

  5. Why is my skin so dry and flaky all of a sudden?

    Weather, pollution, and your skincare routine has a tendency to strip your skin of moisture. When constantly subjected to these, your skin starts flaking and the dryness becomes more obvious.