Hair Fall Control

Looking for the right hair care routine for hair fall control?

Hair fall troubles? Everyone has them!

Some understand their hair needs and switch to better care. But hair fall is not just limited to using the wrong product. It is a sign of a lot of things like stress, a bad lifestyle, improper diet, and underlying medical conditions.

But what do most of these causes have in common? They tend to imbalance your hair and scalp pH which makes them more vulnerable to damage. And that's why it matters that you understand the reason for your hair fall before you act on solving it.

Factors that might be causing hair fall

Hormonal changes

Hormonal imbalance usually occurs around pregnancy, menopause, or medical conditions like thyroid. That leads to hair loss and causes hair thinning.


Your hair is constantly transitioning between the growth and resting phases. The resting phase is when the hair growth stops and it is usually followed by hair fall. Stress is known to push the hair into the resting phase prematurely. And that leads to more than normal hair fall.

Hairstyles and treatments

Hairstyles directly lead to hair fall. The products that you use while styling your hair damage your hair health. Treatments like coloring your hair disturb your hair pH. And things like these trigger hair fall.

Harsh products

Anything that isn't right for your head is harsh. Whether it is stripping your scalp of the essential oils or damaging your hair by drying it. Hair products are supposed to cleanse and nourish your hair.

Things you can do to prevent hair fall

Choose the right product for your hair and scalp type

With any type of care, it is important that you consider your skin type. In this case, you should know your scalp and hair type before you try a product. Because a product would only do any good if it is used where it is supposed to.

Proper Diet

Hair fall can be traced to dietary needs. A deficiency of multivitamins is known to cause hair fall. So make sure that in addition to the right hair care, your diet is also a healthy one.

Less is more

Using unnecessary products or too many products makes the absorption of the essential ingredients worse. Also, they harm your hair's health and affect its look. So make sure that you only feed your hair what is absolutely necessary.

Treat your hair with care

Heat treatments dry your hair and damage it. So try to prevent them as much as possible. Do not skip your hair care routine so that your hair gets the health check that keeps helping it.

The Multivitamin Shampoo and Serum Combo for Hair Fall

Natural Multivitamin Shampoo for Hair Fall Control

Meet the multivitamin cleansing your scalp needs. A gentle formulation and an effective answer to all your hair fall questions. The best shampoo for hair fall cleanses your scalp of its foes while not drying your hair and scalp. Cleansing doesn’t get any gentler than this and healing doesn’t get any easier. Ready to get the best hair day you deserve with the clean feeling that feels just right.

Natural Multivitamin Hair Mask for dry and Damaged Hair for Hair Fall Control

Looking for a hair care routine that solves your hair fall troubles? This hair mask should be an important step in that. Every application deeply nourishes your scalp and adds volume to your hair. It doesn’t weigh your hair down. Its consistency ensures that it doesn’t damage your hair on frequent application.

Scalp Serum for Hair Fall Control with Natural Multivitamins

This scalp serum for hair loss is the best way to rock your hair look any day. The serum delivers a multivitamin moisture to your hair instantly. It also makes sure that your hair stays insanely nourished. Best used after a hair wash, this serum is so lightweight that it rejuvenates your hair even on no hair-wash day. Just spray and style your hair to rule.


  1. Is hair fall common?

    Hair fall is one of the most common conditions. And an average human loses 50-100 hair per day naturally. So do not stress over a regular hair fall.

  2. What is the main reason for hair fall?

    Hair fall can be triggered by multiple reasons like heredity, stress, pregnancy, and menopause. It can also be triggered by pollution and sun damage.

  3. How do I boost hair growth?

    Follow a good hair care routine that understands your hair type and your hair care needs. Following the routine religiously and avoiding things that trigger hair fall is what you can do. And a good diet, because what you eat shows on your skin. The foundation of a good hair care routine lies on a healthy lifestyle and a good hair fall control shampoo.

  4. Is it natural to have very thin hair?

    Hair thinning occurs when your hair falls but doesn't grow back or the rate of hair fall exceeds that of growth. The underlying issue can be anything. But no matter what the underlying issue is, hair thinning is not natural and is a sign that something is wrong. Scalp serum for hair fall control is one of the easiest ways to feed your hair essential nutrients. The rest depends on consistency and choices.

  5. Why does my hair fall more after a hair wash?

    Hair wash stimulates your hair follicle which leads to the fall of resting phase hair. But sometimes, harsh chemicals and rigorous scrubbing also make your hair fall more after the wash.