Hyperpigmentation and dark spots

Defend your skin with the right skincare products for hyperpigmentation!

Hyperpigmentation is one of the very common skin conditions in India. It causes patches of skin to get darker than the surrounding skin which leads to uneven skin tone.

Melanin, a natural pigment that gives your skin, hair, and eyes their color, is also responsible for hyperpigmentation. Factors like sun exposure, hormonal change, heredity, and skin injuries are some of the common triggers of excess melanin production. This leads to certain areas of the skin to darken more compared to others.

Hyperpigmentation is not just associated with the appearance of your skin. It is also a sign that your skin might be unhealthy. It may be a sign that your skin has an off-balanced pH.

The pH of your skin affects its acid mantle. The acid mantle is responsible for a bunch of things - protecting against bacteria, preserving your skin's microbiome, and maintaining vital biological processes.

It is your skin's first line of defense. But an imbalanced pH causes your acid mantle to weaken. Which hinders its functions making your skin unhealthy.

This results in the external factor affecting the melanin content more easily. Which makes your skin more prone to hyperpigmentation.

Factors that might be causing hyperpigmentation

  1. Not using sunscreen - UV rays are a well-known trigger of melasma, a type of hyperpigmentation. And so, not using sunscreen allows these UV rays to affect your skin and its melanin content.
  2. Using the wrong skincare products - the wrong products are capable of hurting your skin's pH balance and causing inflammation. Both of which are a trigger for hyperpigmentation.
  3. Inflamed, injured skin - inflammation and injury trigger melanin production that leads to the darkening of the skin at the sight of the injury.

Things you can do to get rid of hyperpigmentation

  1. Using the right product helps you prevent factors causing hyperpigmentation and dark spots.
  2. Clothing that covers your body when going out in the sun helps you prevent UV exposure.
  3. Not skipping sunscreen so that UV rays can stay at bay.

The best skincare products for hyperpigmentation and dark spots

Brightening gentle face wash or hyperpigmentation and dark spots

Cleansing your face gently - this is the best face wash for hyperpigmentation and dark spots prone skin. Its antioxidant content heals your skin from oxidative stress. It also promotes skin health and pH balance - which leads to decreased spots. You get an even skin tone and a naturally brightening glow with every wash.

Brightening serum for hyperpigmentation and dark spots

Giving you a healthy, moisturized glow - the serum supplies your skin with essential nutrients. These nutrients promote collagen production. This leads to healthy skin that is plump and naturally lightened to your original skin tone. It soothes inflammation and helps retexturize rough textured skin.


  1. What causes hyperpigmentation?

    Darkening of the skin in certain areas compared to the surrounding skin causes hyperpigmentation. Some of the common causes include sun exposure, heredity, Hormonal change, and skin injuries.

  2. What is Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation?

    Inflammation due to injury triggers your skin's melanin content. This leads to skin darkening and this is called post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

  3. How can I prevent hyperpigmentation?

    Using specific products for hyperpigmentation and dark spots helps prevent it. Also taking measures like wearing sunscreen and not picking on injuries can be of big help.

  4. How do you choose the right skincare product for dark spots?

    Use the products that suit your skin type. Make sure that you choose gentle formulations.